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What is IELTS Academic test?

The IELTS Academic test is designed to ensure the communicative competence of the candidates aspiring to enroll in a learning programme at the higher education level preferably at a university. Those seeking to work in a professional setting is also eligible to give the IELTS Academic test. The academic version of the IELTS measures a candidate’s ability to use the target language as reflected in an academic environment. The academic test is quite harder when compared to the general test.

Choosing the Right Test

Learners must ensure that they apply for the right IELTS test. It is always better for the candidates to find about which test to apply based on direct consultation with the concerned university or the organisation where they decide to apply. This is important because the nature of the test and the minimum band score is decided by these universities and organisations. Hence, the candidates are advised to proceed with caution in this matter.

IELTS Academic Test Format

The IELTS test consists of the same modules for both the versions of the test. The four test components are: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In these, the Listening and the Speaking tests are the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. But the Reading and Writing tests are different. For both the tests, the Listening, Reading and Writing components are tested on the same day. The Speaking test is either conducted a week before or after the first test.

We have prepared an easy to understand table that provides the clear information on the essence of the IELTS Academic Test format:

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