Achieving 8 Band in IELTS

The International English Language Testing System simply known as IELTS is a standardized test to evaluate the language proficiency of the candidates who are aspiring to take up overseas education or work in any countries that speak English as first language. The objective of this article is to give you an overview on the process of IELTS and preparation strategies.

IELTS Academic is meant for students who wish to enroll in a higher education programme at college or university. It is also applicable for those who seek for professional opportunities abroad. While IELTS General is specifically for those who are interested in opting for work or immigration purpose.

Have a clear idea about what mode of IELTS you wish you go for. There are two modes available namely Computer-based test and Paper-based test. Choose the one that fits you best and make sure you engage is appropriate practice.

The band requirements for universities and workplaces vary from place to place. Usually, a band of 6.5 to 8 is considered acceptable. It is still vital for the candidate to check the eligibility with the organisation that they are planning to enroll. Immigration consultants can be of good help in this regard due to the vast experience that they have in the field.

Achieving a band of 8 is a realistic goal. If you can secure band 8 you are considered as a very good user with operational command of the language. To achieve a band of 8, your capacity to use language effectively matters a lot. Candidates with good background in terms of learning English often progress well. But, irrespective of your current level, having a good understanding of the latest test pattern, engaging in proper learning and practice with the help of a trained IELTS specialist and attempting as many mock IELTS tests can definitely boost your band score.

Besides, having exceptional knowledge in comprehending and applying the fundamental skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing is a must. Unless a candidate’s preparation is effective, the result will not be convincing. Your first step is to identify where you stand, thus a pre-evaluation of your competence in language is recommended. Once you are able to know where you are, you can focus on improving your vital skills.

You need to allow yourself sufficient time to fine-tune your skills. Most people falsely believe that they can meet the language standard in a week. This is absolutely unpractical. IELTS is a serious evaluation and proper commitment and regular practice is highly essential.

Properly understanding the scoring criteria of questions is useful to attain a good score. Please note that IELTS test score has no effect on the eligibility for a higher education programme. It is only an entry level mandatory requirement.

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Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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