An Introduction to Brand Birdie

TDP has rolled out its latest initiative called Brand Birdie, a service targeting business owners, online sellers and freelancers from any fields to boost their online presence and branding. Any business that puts tremendous efforts on building solutions to problems with right products or services, has ethical and transparent business practices, proper client relationship management in pre-sales and post-sales environment, stays updated in the realm of the changing technologies, is sure to succeed no matter how big the competition may be. Now, for startups with limited employees, this is a big challenge requiring strong commitment and attention. Brand Birdie aims to assist companies or individuals in the promotional and scaling activities of their businesses so they can place more focus on their core business.

What We Offer

Brand Birdie ensures gradual business growth of its clients. We do not float promises and burn them in the end. We are very selective in what we do and we only commit to proceed when we can deliver the desired results. We offer Logo and Graphic Design, Content Writing, Social Media Engagement, Website Development (WordPress) and Email Outreach. Please note all our services are of exceptional quality and are completed by professionals. Our pricing is set below the standard market rates but never less than our expertise and what our team is capable of.

List of Services

Brand Birdie offers the following to individuals and business owners:

Social Media Engagement (Instagram / Facebook / YouTube)
Blog and Website Engagement
Resume Writing (Students) Up to 2 Pages
CV Writing (Employees) Up to 2 Pages
CV Writing (Professionals) 4 to 6 Pages
Proofreading + Editing
SEO Content Writing (Any Topic)
Ecommerce Product Descriptions
Ecommerce Product Reviews
Logo Design
Branding (5 Elements Pack)
Portfolio Creation (PDF or FlipBook)
Portfolio Website Creation (WordPress)
Personal Website (WordPress)
Ecommerce Website (WordPress)
Email Outreach

How It Works

Clients considering to avail our service need to complete this Project Requirement Form first. Based on the information furnished in the given form, Brand Birdie will respond and after confirmation from the client, the invoice will be raised accordingly. Once the payment is confirmed, Brand Birdie will start working on the project and keep the client informed about the progress and milestones. To get started complete the Project Requirement Form.

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