A cloze test is a type of language comprehension test that measures a person’s ability to understand language in context. In a cloze test, a passage of text is presented with certain words removed, and the participant is asked to fill in the missing words. The missing words are typically chosen in such a way that they represent common words, idioms or phrases, or words that are crucial to the meaning of the text.

Cloze tests can be used to measure a variety of language skills, such as vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. They are often used in language learning and teaching, as well as in academic and employment settings to assess a person’s language proficiency.

There are different types of cloze tests, such as open cloze, where the participant is asked to fill in the missing words with any appropriate word, and closed cloze, where the participant is given a list of words to choose from to fill in the gaps. Cloze tests can also be adaptive, meaning the difficulty of the test adjusts to the participant’s ability level.

Overall, cloze tests are a useful tool for assessing a person’s ability to comprehend language in context and to use language accurately and effectively.


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