Time is money and we at TDP value both your time and our time. In this way, it helps our business to be focused and stay away from people who are not serious about what we do. We see consulting as an opportunity to understand the expectation of our clients, align to their needs and establish clear terms with them if they are interested in the services that we offer.

TDP offers consulting services in the following domains:

1. IELTS (Academic & General)

2. Verbal Ability for Placements, Banking & Competitive Examinations

3. Effective Communication for Students / Employees

4. Employability Readiness (Resume Creation / Job Interview / Group Discussion)

5. Presentation Skills & Public Speaking for Students / Employees

6. Academic / Creative / Content Writing / SEO

7. Design & Publishing (eBook / Print)

8. Proofreading & Editing

9. Web Development for Beginners (WordPress)

10. Brand Building & Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners

Fee & Duration of One-time Online Consultation – ₹250 / 45 Minutes / Domain

To book your consultation session:

NOTE: The above fee is only for the consultation and is not the course or service fee. If the client is content with our consulting session and is ready to buy any of our course or service, an elaborate course plan will be offered.

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