Dr Tapan Kumar Rath & Dr Arun Behera

Maneuvering Indigenous Literature in English Language Teaching Classes – PDF

Dr Tapan Kumar Rath

Poem – Waiting for a Dawn – PDF

Poem – Locked Hours – PDF

Book Review: Sreejhara | Author Dr. Meenakshi Das | Translated by Dr Arun Behera | Reviewed by Dr Tapan Kumar Rath – PDF

Richa Tiwari

Art and Culture and Society: Drivers of Growth for Skilled Human Capital – PDF

Sanchaiyata Majumdar & Dr Arun Behera

Book Review: You can Speak English with Elan | Author – Dr Arun Behera | Reviewed by Sanchaiyata Majumdar – PDF

Dr Arun Behera, Prof. P.P. Mishra & Heba Farheen

India: A Discourse on Religion as Politics – PDF

Sanchaiyata Majumdar & Dr Arun Behera

Understanding the Complexity of Language through a Feminist Lens: Re-reading Charlotte Perkin’s The Yellow Wallpaper – PDF

C. J Sofia

The Role of Technology Change in Culture in this e-Era – PDF

Assistant Professor Nadia Ali Ismael (PhD)

The Significance of Love and Nature in Cummings’ Poetry – PDF

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