How to Structure your Self-Introduction?

Why does the thought of a self-introduction in public or at interviews makes you feel disturbed or nervous? When speaking about yourself seems so difficult, how complicated would it be to speak about unfamiliar things. When you are unable to speak about yourself or your own life experience, what impression are you creating in front of others? I have come across students and employees who cannot introduce themselves with confidence. It is literally easy to blame everything around you as a reason for your inability to speak. But, the truth is you never took any effort at all. If you had, you would never be reading this right now. I agree that no one is perfect, neither you nor me but for certain things in life you cannot keep giving reasons.

Self-Introduction is a concise and clear summary of who and what you are. A self-intro enumerates your abilities, qualification and technical and non-technical skill-sets. It is a predictable and routine requirement at any situation that demands communication. People initially judge you based on how you look and how you sound thus fine-tuning your personality and communication skills is very crucial. Self-Introduction helps others understand who you are and what you do. I am going to help you structure your self-intro in this article. The only thing that I expect from you is that you need to sincerely work on this structure and have it as a blueprint for your future. Let us start.

Before we begin, have a look at this video for fundamental understanding:

You are about to enter into the interview hall. The interview board is ready to assess your performance. Remember, as you enter they will be forming opinions and impressions about you before you can reach near the table. Let us attempt to scan what kind of thoughts would possibly be running on their heads.

a. The candidate asked for the permission before entering the hall.
b. He or she is comfortable, well-dressed, looks good and appears energetic.
c. The candidate has a bright, warm smile on his or her face.
d. The candidate appears to be confident.

With these priliminary opinions, the interviewers would instruct you to take a seat. Accept it and thank them for the gesture. Sit straight and try to be as comfortable as possible. Place your file on your lap and do not use the table. Remember to make eye contact as you speak. Your body language tells a lot about who you are. Now, the board would have a copy of your latest resume, in case they do not have one, you can offer your signed copy of your resume. With this let us get into the next phase.


What I have furnished here is only a model. You can customise it as you want.

You already know how this is going to start. They would signal you or ask you to proceed with your introduction. At this point be determined and begin. To introduce in interview all you need is a bit of courage and confidence.

A warm good morning to one and all! Stop! Stop!
Come on, this is not a speech let’s cut it short.

Good Morning or Good Evening would do.

How about being thankful?

First of all, I am greatful to the company for giving me this opportunity to attend this interview.

I’m Thomas or My name is Thomas. I come from Coimbatore.
This would do.

Now, you can speak about your educational qualification starting from the latest degree. As you speak, be prepared to take up few questions.

If you are currently a student: I’m pursuing (Course Name) at (Name of the College, City)
If you are a graduate/fresher: I have recently completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering from (Name of the institution, City).
If you are an experienced candidate: I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from (College Name, City) in the year 2016.

The above lines are just examples of how you can speak about your qualification. You can be as creative as possible.

Now that you have spoken the essential information, you have to plan on what to speak next.
In any interview, an employer is concerned about the strengths and skillsets of a candidate. Because, this determines the employee’s suitability to the position.

By this time, the board would have formed either a positive or unfavourable opinion about you specifically on your ability to communicate.

Now its time for them to evaluate your strengths. Remember, your strengths must align with the job description. Here is an example: Imagine you have applied for marketing role, think about what the company would expect from you and furnish the information appropriately. Here is an example:

I understand that I am a fresher but I have applied for this marketing role because of my interest in the field of marketing and my desire to learn from challenging tasks. I strongly believe that marketing is the heart of any business. While quality is of paramount importance, unless our marketing strategies are effective consumers will not be able to experience the standard.I am strong at communication and negotiating with clients. I have sound experience in delivering product or service demonstration. Besides, I have good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engline Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Writing and Designing. I’m learning other Digital Marketing techniques as well to expand my skills. I am social and friendly, open to learning and cooperative.

Add your technical skills now. You can speak about certain technologies that you have mastered.You can say that you are good at the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. Note that whatever technology or field you speak about at this stage, the interviewers would flood you with questions related what you spoke. This is the time to prove your technical expertise.

There are only two ways to assess your technical expertise. The first one is to assign you a task to do and you will be assessed based on the output. The second way is to find out how far are you competent by looking at your co-curricular achievements. This means any certification or project experience that you have earned to support your expertise.

This stage almost confirms the interviewers how clear and confident you are in what you express. To add further clarity, you can let them know about your goals if any. Be practical.

Speaking about hobbies and family is not required unless you are asked. It has nothing to do with the expectations of the firm.

You will be questioned on variety of things as you speak. You have to make sure you respond to every question appropriately. In case you do not know the answer be honest and admit and end the conversation in a positive note.

You have limited time and only one chance. Speak as if you do not get another chance. You are judged by how you perform. Thank them once again for the opportunity given before you leave the hall.

I shall be writing about each interview question elaborately in the coming days. Stay connected and also subscribe to my channel here: The Dawn Publishers

Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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