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In this post, we aim to cover what makes The Dawn Publishers special in offering IELTS class in Coimbatore. This article will also provide crucial advice for students or employees aspiring to take up IELTS class either online or offline. When it comes for enrolling into the IELTS programme, it is always advisable to start a bit early. This is especially applicable to those who lack the required competence in English. If given the opportunity to begin the preparation quite early, such candidates would have sufficient time to practice and master the skills. Preparation does not necessarily mean joining in a IELTS class. The candidates can prepare on their own to save money and time until they find the right place to attend the class. It is important to note that the IELTS score is valid for only two years so it would be perfect to take up the IELTS examination in the final year of their undergraduate programme.

When you invest money for IELTS it is necessary to consider several factors. Sometimes, candidates end up booking the exam with no basic knowledge about what it involves. At the time of writing this post, the IELTS exam fee costs ₹14700. We have seen candidates paying this fee beforehand and then stepping into the class which in our view is not appropriate. At The Dawn Publishers we do not enroll or give commitment to such candidates because in a limited time we may not be able to put in our best. This sometimes leads to candidates being unable to secure the required band and they are left with the only choice of reappearing for the IELTS exam by paying the complete fee again. Therefore, we consider it wise if candidates can equip themselves with the fundamentals of how IELTS test functions before they could be part of any training. It is highly important that candidates should complete the IELTS training in any organisation of their choice before applying for the test.

The Dawn Publishers not only believes in training the students but also at the same time, we do our best to educate them on the process which will in turn help them to achieve the desired result. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the candidates to find out from a reputable agent or the organisation to which they are applying on which of the two that is IELTS Academic or IELTS General should they opt for. Usually, the IELTS Academic is suitable for those who are interested in pursuing international higher studies at a college or university. Similarly, the same test is suggested for those who are into professions like teaching, medicine, nursing and law. The IELTS Academic test assesses the candidates competence in using the English language at an academic level. Whereas, the IELTS General is meant for migration or work purpose. This test assesses the candidates’ competence in using the English language at a practical or social context. In this matter, it is always better to consult the right authority and proceed.

We have been providing IELTS classes in Coimbatore as per the need of our clients. The classes are delivered online and offline preferably at the location of the client. The timing can be flexible and as per the convenience of both the parties. For classes to be conducted at the client’s location, an hourly price anywhere between ₹500 and ₹1000 will be charged based on factors like candidate’s level of proficiency and distance. Candidates registering for the online class have the choice of paying the fee upfront as two installments. For the offline class, candidates have to pay the fees upfront based on the number of hours planned per week. We put our heart and soul into our work and you can expect exceptional quality from our side and we expect the same kind of cooperation from your end too.

There are several IELTS training centres in Coimbatore. The candidates always have the choice of choosing what is best for them based on quality, flexibility, distance and budget. Unlike other organisations, we do not handle group classes. We believe in the quality of exclusivity for subjects that require serious attention. For any language proficiency or competitive exams, abundant practice is essential. The Dawn Publishers strictly ensures that all the candidates are properly trained on the concepts/skillsets and are put into rigorous online assessments and evaluations. Once the potential of the candidate is established in the evaluation, the green signal is given to book the exam.

We hope that this article has given you a certain clarity on the subject. We are concerned that you ought not to lose your hard earned money because of negligence. If you are searching for IELTS class in Coimbatore, now you know what to look for and what factors to consider. Each IELTS centre in Coimbatore operates in a different way and sometimes it is difficult to determine what is best for you as an aspirant. The Dawn Publishers has a solid foundation in the field of English and provides various educational services for the betterment of the student community. We are passionate at what we do and we can confidently express that we stand out in the crowd.

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Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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