Listening Practice 2

Before you listen to the audio it is important to have a look at the instructions and the questions to get a clear idea about what is expected in this practice test. As you would be aware, the audio is played just once in the actual test, so, it is important that you do not miss any key information as you listen. As far as this practice test is concerned, you are free to listen to the audio as many times before answering the questions but as you proceed to take further tests try to answer the questions in a single audio play.

Test Instructions: Read the instructions carefully and answer as per the requirement:

A. Have a look at Questions 1 – 5 and proceed to listen to the below audio. You will hear one speaker talk about Einstein’s Blackboard.

B. Complete the sentences below based on your understanding of the audio. You can write a maximum of 2 words and/or a number per question.

C. Note your answers on a notepad or sheet of paper. After completion click on Check Answers button available below. The complete script of the audio is provided for your reference as well.

Einstein’s Blackboard

1. Einstein’s blackboard was used in a lecture in Oxford on 16 ______________.

2. Einstein’s theories of relativity were being combined with _____________ to explain the shifts towards the red in the spectra of _____________.

3. The last four lines contain ____________ , giving values for ______________ , radius and age of the universe.

4. According to the last line, the age of the universe is about 10, or perhaps ______________.

5. Einstein’s blackboard deals with some of the most _____________ in cosmology.

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