Listening Practice 9

Before you listen to the audio it is important to have a look at the instructions and the questions to get a clear idea about what is expected in this practice test. As you would be aware, the audio is played just once in the actual test, so, it is important that you do not miss any key information as you listen. As far as this practice test is concerned, you are free to listen to the audio as many times before answering the questions but as you proceed to take further tests try to answer the questions in a single audio play.

Test Instructions: Read the instructions carefully and answer as per the requirement:

A. Have a look at Questions 1 – 6 and proceed to listen to the below audio. You will hear an ecology student called Anne talking to someone called Tom, who is helping her with her project on dolphins.

B. Listen and select the appropriate option based on your understanding of the audio.

C. Note your answers on a notepad or sheet of paper. After completion click on Check Answers button available below. The complete script of the audio is provided for your reference as well.

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

1. Anne has asked Tom to help her with her dolphin project because

A. he is in the same class as Anne.

B. he is an expert on dolphins.

C. he once did a similar project to Anne.

2. How long is an adult male Maui dolphin?

A. 1.5 metres

B. 1 metre

C. 1.7 metres

3. Where are Maui dolphins found in New Zealand?

A. around most of the coast of the North Island

B. around the west coast of the North Island

C. around the whole coast of the South Island

4. The population of Maui dolphins is now likely to be

A. around 100

B. well over 500

C. less than 50

5. What do Anne and Tom agree is typical behaviour for Maui dolphins?

A. They prefer to live with many other Maui dolphins.

B. They often choose to follow boats to catch fish more easily.

C. They are friendly towards people who swim near them.

6. How far along the coastline do Maui dolphins swim?

A. 40 kilometres

B. 50 kilometres

C. 30 kilometres

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