Meaning and Usage of Consequently

Consequently is an adverb that is used to indicate a logical or causal relationship between two events, actions, or ideas. Here are few examples of how consequently can be used in a sentence:

1. The bridge was closed for repairs; consequently, traffic was backed up for miles.
2. The company’s profits have been declining for several years; consequently, it has had to lay off many employees.
3. The hurricane caused extensive damage to the island; consequently, the government declared a state of emergency.
4. The team lost its star player; consequently, its chances of winning the championship decreased.
5. The company failed to meet its sales goals; consequently, it was forced to restructure its operations.
6. The weather forecast predicted heavy snowfall; consequently, schools and businesses closed for the day.
7. The patient’s condition worsened; consequently, the doctor decided to admit him to the hospital.
8. The company was found guilty of fraud; consequently, it was fined heavily by the government.
9. The airline overbooked the flight; consequently, several passengers were bumped from the plane.
10. The company invested heavily in research and development; consequently, it launched several successful new products.

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