Meaning and Usage of Essentially

Essentially is an adverb that emphasizes the fundamental or most important aspect of something, often by highlighting the key qualities or characteristics that define it. Here are few examples of how essentially can be used in a sentence:

1. A pizza is essentially a flatbread topped with sauce, cheese, and various toppings.
2. Social media is essentially a platform for sharing information and connecting with others.
3. Meditation is essentially a practice for focusing the mind and achieving inner peace.
4. The internet is essentially a network of computers that allows for information exchange and communication.
5. A book is essentially a collection of written or printed pages bound together.
6. A chair is essentially a piece of furniture designed for sitting.
7. An airplane is essentially a flying machine powered by engines and controlled by pilots.
8. A tree is essentially a perennial plant with a single stem or trunk and many branches.
9. Yoga is essentially a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.
10. Democracy is essentially a system of government that is based on the principle of popular sovereignty and individual rights.

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