Meaning and Usage of Notably

Notably is an adverb that is used to emphasize the importance, significance, or distinctiveness of something. Here are few examples of how notably can be used in a sentence:

1. The painting was notably brighter than the other works in the exhibit.
2. The new CEO was notably more experienced and qualified than his predecessor.
3. The hotel was notably more luxurious than the other options in the area.
4. The actress was notably absent from the red carpet event.
5. The athlete’s performance was notably improved after training with a new coach.
6. The book was notably longer and more detailed than its predecessor.
7. The company’s profits were notably higher in the second quarter of the year.
8. The team’s defense was notably stronger after the addition of a new player.
9. The restaurant was notably quieter and more intimate than the bustling cafes on the street.
10. The politician’s speech was notably more inspiring and heartfelt than his previous addresses.

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