Meaning and Usage of Specifically

Specifically is an adverb that is used to denote a precise or exact detail or characteristic of something, often in contrast to a more general or vague statement. Here are few examples of how specifically can be used in a sentence:

1. The study focused specifically on the effects of caffeine on sleep patterns.
2. The instructions stated specifically to add the ingredients in a particular order.
3. The policy prohibits specifically the use of company resources for personal gain.
4. The job posting requested candidates with experience specifically in sales and marketing.
5. The article discusses specifically the impact of climate change on coastal communities.
6. The contract stipulated specifically the terms of payment and delivery.
7. The training program addresses specifically the needs of new employees.
8. The presentation covers specifically the advantages and disadvantages of the new technology.
9. The software is designed specifically for data analysis in the healthcare industry.
10. The course is tailored specifically to the interests and needs of advanced students.

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