Meaning and Usage of Subsequently

The word subsequently is used to indicate that something happened or occurred after a particular event or time.

Here are few examples of how subsequently can be used in a sentence:

1. The police investigated the crime and subsequently arrested the suspect.
2. The company announced a new product and subsequently saw an increase in sales.
3. She missed her flight and subsequently had to reschedule her trip.
4. The storm caused power outages and subsequently disrupted internet service.
5. The team lost their first game and subsequently made some changes to their strategy.
6. The patient received treatment and subsequently experienced a full recovery.
7. The company launched a marketing campaign and subsequently attracted new customers.
8. He invested in a new business and subsequently earned a significant profit.
9. The company hired a new CEO and subsequently saw a shift in their corporate culture.
10. The government passed a new law and subsequently faced public criticism.

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