Meaning and Usage of Therefore

Therefore is a conjunctive adverb that signals a logical consequence or conclusion that follows from a previous statement or argument. Here are few examples of how therefore can be used in a sentence:

1. The roads are icy; therefore, we should drive slowly and with caution.
2. Jane has a lot of experience in project management; therefore, she would be a great candidate for the job.
3. The restaurant is always busy; therefore, it’s a good idea to make a reservation.
4. We haven’t received any response from the client; therefore, we should follow up with them.
5. The weather forecast predicts rain all day; therefore, we need to bring our umbrellas.
6. Sarah has a high fever and a cough; therefore, she should see a doctor.
7. The price of gasoline has increased; therefore, it’s more expensive to travel by car.
8. John didn’t study for the test; therefore, he didn’t do well on it.
9. The company has been losing money; therefore, it needs to find ways to cut costs.
10. The delivery is delayed; therefore, the package won’t arrive on time.

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