Meaning and Usage of Unlike

Unlike is a preposition that is used to compare and contrast two or more things, highlighting a difference or distinguishing characteristic. It can be used to point out variations in behavior, preferences, style, or appearance, and can be applied to people, objects, or situations.

Here are few examples of how unlike can be used in a sentence:

1. Unlike his sister, he prefers savory foods over sweets.
2. My current job is unlike any other I’ve had before.
3. Unlike traditional classrooms, online classes offer more flexibility for students.
4. This year’s weather is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past decade.
5. Unlike his previous films, this director’s latest project is a romantic comedy.
6. Unlike some other brands, this product is made with all-natural ingredients.
7. Her teaching style is unlike any other I’ve experienced.
8. Unlike her brother, she’s always been interested in politics and government.
9. This city’s architecture is unlike anything I’ve seen before.
10. Unlike most dogs, this breed is known for being hypoallergenic.

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