If you would love to leap beyond being an active student at TDP, then you can choose to become a TDP Certified Course-Specific Practicing Mentor. TDP Mentorship is course-specific. Taking up the responsibility of a Mentor is completely up to your interest, capacity and standard. As a practicing Mentor at TDP, you will help people in your circle to know about our services and get them connected to our learning community.

This is a course-specific volunteer position in our organisation wherein you agree to change the lives of the people you come across and assure us that under no circumstances you will collect or demand any money for the service you do in association with TDP. You also assure that you will maintain relevant proof of mentorship provided to your mentees to show us anytime that you have been genuine as a mentor. You will strictly abide by the expectations and rules of The Dawn Publishers. This commitment of yours and the art of caring for others entitles you to receive our TDP Certified Course-Specific Practicing Mentor Certificate for the course that you have guided them. You are eligible to receive multiple Mentor Certificates for any course you opt and complete of your choice that is available with us.

Mentorship at TDP does not offer you the qualification, expertise, and experience to solve any complex or life-threatening problems and it is important that you do not engage or prescribe any medical, psychological, or unethical advice of any kind to your mentees. Involving in any such inappropriate activities will terminate your association with our organisation without prior notice, invalidate any mentorship certifications that you obtained and can lead to the extent of attracting legal consequences for the actions you commit either intentionally or unknowingly. Therefore, we stress you understand that mentoring is a serious business and should be performed with utmost caution.


The mentor acts as a guide ensuring that his mentees are on the right track. It is an opportunity for you to become a future leader understanding the nuances of the roles and responsibilities. TDP mentors are directed to perform duties like motivating, following-up, guiding and supporting the mentees to the point that they complete a course from TDP University on their own.

The value of mentorship lies in making people do things on their own and not doing it for them. TDP respects your autonomy but see to that you do not break this law.


Firstly, you need to take up any course of your choice that we offer and successfully complete it and obtain the Course Completion Certificate. This is to ensure that you have gained some fundamental idea about the concepts discussed in the course to educate others.

Secondly, to meet up to the requirement of becoming a TDP Certified Course-Specific Practicing Mentor, it is mandatory for you to enrol at least 5 mentees from anywhere across the globe to join in the same course that you have recently completed and ensure that your mentees complete them and receive the Course Completion Certification under your proper guidance.

We identify you as a Course-Specific Practicing Mentor because, only after completing a course you will know its suitability to others. More than that you are volunteering to help our organisation achieve its goals and vision. For example, a course on Stress Management can be appropriate to any audience including students, employees, entrepreneurs, social workers, homemakers etc. So, to succeed in your role as a mentor identifying the right mentees becomes an essential quality.


To attain the dream of being our prestigious Master Mentor & Changemaker, you will have to attain certain milestones. Your mentorship performance, milestone attainments, organisational value addition and the societal contribution will be our evaluation metrics to consider you for this role and title.


The successful completion of any course by you and the additional responsibility as a mentor will offer you the following based on the nature of your achievement:

1. Course Completion Certificate (Exclusive for each course that you complete)
2. TDP-Certified Course-Specific Practicing Mentor (Exclusive for each self-paced course your 5 mentees complete)
3. TDP-Certified Master Mentor Contributor Certificate and Changemaker Award on achieving the milestones of 25 mentees in a specific or across any self-paced courses.
4. TDP-Certified Master Mentor Top Contributor Certificate and Changemaker Award on achieving the milestones of 25 mentees in a specific or across any self-paced courses + 5 mentees in a specific or across any proficiency courses will receive the 12-Week Certificate of Internship & performance-specific Cash Prize.

To apply for TDP-Certified Mentor Position

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