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Anusuya asked 3 weeks ago
How can I interact with the interviewer during hiring? I would also like to know how to speak without fear?

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TDP Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Hello Anusuya, thanks for recording your question. I always suggest my students to feel as comfortable as possible at the time of interview. I do understand it is sometimes beyond our capacity but it does not mean we cannot attain this. Interviews are very predictable in nature, if you are smart, you should already be knowing what questions will pop up. All that matters is your ability to understand and respond appropriately. It is as simple as someone asking us What is your name? and I am sure you are smart enough to answer that.

Well, to answer your next question, fear of communication is natural and please do not feel bad about this. It vanishes as you go along. At this stage we have to learn how to cope or overcome this slow and steady. I have personally created a few helpful videos on this topic. You can access them on our official channel: