Reading Strategies and Tips for Beginners

This article outlines some important reading strategies and tips for beginners.

Start with a Personality Check

Before you could take up reading, form an idea about yourself. Think about yourself from a reading point of view. Figure out your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and attitude. Think of what could inspire you, track what your intuition longs for and find out what might fulfill your heart. Because, reading or writing is not just a way to feed your brain, it is the process of fulfilling your heart.  

Be aware of Futile Practices

A Dictionary or a Thesaurus cannot save you always. Trying to write a few words on the board and forgetting what you have written is ultimately useless. Grab a book of interest to you, take efforts to learn new words that you come across and be aware of contextual use of words. Register those new words in your mind by using them over and over again. Own those words, they need you as much as you need them.

Choose your Genre

Remember! Every book is not meant for you. Choosing a wrong book can ruin your interest. It is like choosing a dress, you select according to your taste and feel great about having it. Know about the various genres and identify yours.

 Take Workable Decisions

Decide on what to read, how to read and when to read. Adopt a relevant reading style. Always read slowly and relish the process, do not bother if you do not understand, it is perfectly natural as beginners you make experience difficulty in comprehension. But, continue to read and in a few months, you will notice a vast difference. Take notes of what you read and form a vocabulary from each book that you read. Share with others your understanding of the books by writing reviews.

Set a Goal

Fix short-term and long-term goals. Track your progress and manage your time accordingly. Never say, I DON’T HAVE TIME because YOU WILL NEVER HAVE. Create your TIME.

Never Quit

No matter what NEVER QUIT. Every book will teach you something. Identify that something. Manipulate that experience. Experience some variety at times, but do not lose track.

Build your Vocabulary

Ensure repeated use of new vocabulary. Expand your contextual use of words. Read poems to enhance your diction. Always monitor your language. Identify mistakes and take necessary steps to overcome them.

Focus on the Process not the result

Stay Focused. Be passionate about reading because, nothing comes without passion, hard work and drive. Eliminate distractions. Every time you complete a book, test your retention ability. Encourage others to read what you have read but do not compel them. They should decide their book. Work without expectations, your wishes would be automatically fulfilled.

Learn to Deal with Difference and Perspectives

Allow various perspectives to walk into your life. Evaluate them but do not trust them completely. Remember! Every opinion counts. Take it as an opportunity to know about all the existing facets.

Increase your Investment

Own books if possible. Buy a good Dictionary, a Thesaurus, a Dictionary of Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. If you are serious about language, learn Phonetics as it will help you improve your pronunciation. Invest more time as you progress. Carry a book with you always but do not become a bookworm.

Prepare for Competition and Build your Career

Reading is no more a hobby or an entertainment. It has become the need of the hour. Reading will help you improve your writing skills too. Explore variety by reading different book at times.

Understand the Importance of Verbal Ability

Get trained in Verbal Ability. Develop skills to outperform in the Verbal Section of any Competitive Exam. You need to understand that to be successful in any language demanding situation, there skills are vital namely: Grammar, Comprehension and Vocabulary.

Reading makes you confident. It brings you originality and respect. It grooms you as well as others around you. It enlightens your family, society and nation. So, Start Reading and Start Living!

Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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