Sentence completion is a type of question in verbal ability tests that requires you to fill in the blank space in a given sentence with a suitable word or phrase. The purpose of sentence completion questions is to test your ability to understand the meaning of the sentence and to choose the appropriate word that fits grammatically and contextually.

The given sentence may be incomplete or may have one or more blanks, and you’ll be provided with several answer options to choose from. The correct answer option will be the one that logically and grammatically fits the context of the sentence.

Sentence completion questions may also be used to test your vocabulary and knowledge of idiomatic expressions. For example, you may be given a sentence with a blank and several options, one of which is an idiom that fits the sentence correctly.

Sentence completion questions are a common feature in many standardized tests and competitive exams. Practicing these types of questions can help you improve your verbal ability and increase your chances of performing well on such exams.


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