Alice in Wonderland: TDP Classics (eBook)




The Dawn Publishers with the publication of Alice in Wonderland has ventured into publishing the classics as ebook and paperback versions. TDP aims to encourage and inculcate new generation of readers to enjoy and develop interest in Classic Literature by offering books at exceptional quality and affordable price.

Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice with all its grandeur and imaginative richness stunned the literary world when it was published in 1865. This book differed from the path of the usual moral tales and presented an abstract world with unbelievable weird characters and illogical adventures. Though this book baffled the critics and readers, it enjoyed immediate success and took the literary world by storm enjoying the reputation even to this day.

Alice in Wonderland has never gone out of print and is enjoyed by children and adults around the globe making it one of the finest children’s novel ever written. What makes this book even more interesting is that, it was inspired by Alice Pleasance Liddell, one of the three daughters of scholar Henry Liddell. The story was not based on her but was originally narrated to Alice Liddell. Later, at her request to own a personal copy, Carroll gifted a handwritten manuscript.

Note: Alice in Wonderland is available in EPUB format.

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