Articles Mastery – SET 1




The articles is an important topic in English grammar and is frequently asked in various competitive examinations. Knowing how to use both the definite and indefinite articles will help you excel in your communication. Mastery of this topic helps you secure high proficiency in examinations.

Before attempting this test, make sure you view these videos available on our official channel:

The Articles in English Grammar | A, An, The Explained – Part I

The Articles in English Grammar | A, An, The Explained – Part II

Articles Worksheet | A An The Articles in English

This quiz on Articles consists of 15 questions and aims to test your prior knowledge and level. Your score determines your actual readiness on the topic. To access this quiz for free, you have to download the free Quiz Maker app from play store.

Step 1: Install the Quiz Maker app from play store. You will see a demo quiz in your app. Delete this.

Step 2: Download Articles question template zip file from here.

Step 3: Extract the zip in your phone and open it. That’s it !

Now, you will be able to access the quiz anytime you want with unlimited attempts as long as you have the zip file on your phone.

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