Introductory Motivational Talk




We welcome organisations and institutions to book for a free introductory guest/motivational talk to your employees or students. The duration of this address will be 60 minutes and delivered online as per the convenience of the organisers. This service can be availed free only for the first time by any organisation thereafter an affordable fee of ₹1000 per session will be applicable.

Note: Register using your official/organisation email only. Add the product to cart and apply this coupon code: UX4YPW9A

Please note that an organisation can request any one of the following topic to be covered during the session:

  1. Introductory Session on Communication
  2. Introductory Session on Verbal Ability (For Placements, Banking & Competitive Examinations)
  3. Introductory Session on Public Speaking
  4. Introductory Session on Career / Employability Skills
  5. Introductory Session on Winning the Interview
  6. Introductory Session on Group Discussion Dynamics
  7. Introductory Session on Social Skills
  8. Introductory Session on IELTS
  9. Introductory Session on Content Writing

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