Objective English for Competitive Examinations | Seventh Edition | Pearson


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Thank you for visiting this page. If you have planned to take up any language proficiency test, you have come to the right spot.

In this post, I am recommending one of my all-time favourite books which I have been using since a long time. Objective English for Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe and Showick Thorpe published by Pearson is an excellent resource. This book covers all the major topics under Verbal Ability, an important section in any competitive examinations.

In case you have no idea about what verbal ability is all about, you may read these articles What is Verbal Ability? and English for Competitive Exams.

A chapter on Building Blocks beautifully outlines the essential rules of English Grammar. Rich vocabulary-based questions on variety of topics including Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Analogy and One Word Substitution are included. Besides, each chapter consists of a mock test to test the learners’ ability. Comprehension and Logic-based topics namely Reading Comprehension, Parajumbles,  Sentence Completion, Cloze Test are included. Additionally, questions based on the latest exam pattern of variety of exams are provided along with previous years’ question papers.

Please note that this book has been a resourceful companion for all my training sessions and I personally vouch for its superior standard.

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