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Organisations and institutions interested in availing our Specialised Session can book for the same in the below link. The objective of this exclusive session is to equip the students or employees with the right skill-sets based on the needs and expectations of the organisation. The duration of the session will be 90 minutes and delivered online as per the convenience of the organisers. An affordable fee of ₹1500 per session will be applicable for each area.

Note: Register using your official/organisation email only.

Please note that we offer our Specialised Sessions in the following areas:

  1. Resume Creation & Building – Tips & Strategies
  2. Group Discussion – Techniques / Do’s & Don’ts
  3. Interview Preparation – (Q&A) Employer / Employee Perspectives
  4. Mock Interview – Performance Analysis (Up to 15 students per session)
  5. Email Writing – Guidelines
  6. Professionalism at Workplace & Becoming an Asset

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