TDP EngQuiz 2K23

Greetings from TDP!

We are delighted to see you enrol in EngQuiz 2K23 Contest. Please read the below information carefully. ENGQUIZ 2K23 is a National Level Contest for School students. The objective of the contest is to allow the students to know their English language level.

Contest Rewards:

  • An E-Certificate of Distinction for the First, Second & Third Places.
  • E-Certificate of Achievement for the Top 10 positions excluding the first three places.

Winner Selection Criteria:

The winners will be decided based on the below criteria.

  1. Most numbers of correct answers
  2. Least time taken for the submission of quiz

Contest Rules:

The quiz consists of 25 questions with a total duration of 30 minutes. The questions are based on random topics in English.

Step 1: To participate in this and upcoming contests, students must join the official TDP Telegram group by scanning the QR Code. All communication regarding the contest will be shared in this group. There is no fee to register for the contest.

We recommend the participants to be part of our official social pages:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:

Step 2: The quiz will be available on this page between 5th to 24th October 2023. Each participant can attempt the quiz only once. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification.

We strongly advise you not to create multiple accounts or involve in other means of act that would violate our terms. If found, your result will not be processed.

Step 3: The results will be announced on our Contest group and social pages as soon as the contest ends. Our team will connect with the winners. Thank you for your time and TDP wishes you good luck.

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