TDP University Lifetime Student Membership is an initiative of TDF. This membership and all the courses that are part of TDP University’s Career Readiness Programme is offered for free and is open to all learners across the globe. All the courses are delivered via Zoom between Monday and Friday.

To be eligible to this membership and programme, learners have to complete the following steps:

  1. Be part of our Telegram group: TDP University
  2. Subscribe to our official YouTube channel: TDP University
  3. Download TDP app from Google Play Store: TDP App

Here is the link to become a member of TDP University and enroll in our programme: ENROLL NOW


Career Readiness Programme is an opportunity to excel in the below domains:

TDP Online Certification Course on Verbal Ability Mastery for Placements / Competitive Exams

Verbal Ability is an important section in Banking and Competitive Examinations. This article will help you understand what Verbal Ability is and how important it is for any examinations. This certification course is available in two parts.

Part I of the course introduces learners to the essential concepts covering grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

Part II of the course deals with the application of the concepts testing the candidate’s ability to solve questions as quick as possible based on expected standards.

TDP Certification Course on Effective General Communication & Employability Readiness

This course is primarily suggested for learners at Intermediate (B1) CEFR level. Candidates who meet the above eligibility criteria in the pre-assessment test will be directly enrolled in our 90 Hours online course on Effective Communication that aims to help learners fine-tune their fundamental LSRW skills for career needs. This functional course will help learners to enhance their ability to use language at its best in any language demanding situation.

The objective of this course is to ensure the candidate is successful in the interview process. The course involves the following essentials during a job interview: Industry/Organisation awareness, Understanding Job Description, Resume Building, Setting First Impression, Body Language and Presentation Skills, Group Discussion, Mastering Common Interview Questions, Mock Interviews, Technical Expertise, Stress and Personal Interview.

TDP Certification Course on IELTS

At TDP, we believe in peer learning and for a language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL, it becomes must to thoroughly monitor and mentor the candidates based on their level and needs. If you are serious about scoring 7+ band, we expect you to align to our training terms and guidelines.

TDP does not focus on numbers when it comes to admission because we select the students with the right attitude. We are also keen in delivering assured quality and thus stress on starting the training with us well ahead of time. We offer exclusive training for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General tests. Candidates interested in taking up the training have to complete the enrollment form and appear for the online pre-assessment which locates their fundamental proficiency in English. Recommendations are suggested based on this preliminary score.

The decision of taking up IELTS Academic or IELTS General rests with the candidate. TDP advises the students to get in touch with a reliable admission agent or consultant to confirm the selection of the right test.