The Dawn Lectures | Publish or Perish, A Live Panel Discussion + Feedback May 2020

Please find complete information below. We request you to share your feedback as comments in this page after you have completed the session. This will help us deliver our session better in future.

70 participants from 60 institutions across India were part of this discussion. This includes current research scholars, faculty, students aspiring to take up research studies.

Publish or Perish: A Live Panel Discussion on Research Insight by The Dawn Journal

In this live panel discussion on Publish or Perish, An Insight on Improving the Quality of Research, our experts spoke on the fundamentals of doing a research in the right way. From identification of a research problem, to developing and writing your research thesis, the presenters have tried to cover as much as possible. Participants were allowed to post their questions live for clarification.

We request all the participants to leave your honest feedback and suggestions on the comments. Kindly mention, the trainer’s name while giving your feedback so we can get to know how well each trainer has worked. We are actively seeking to scale this further with all your support and cooperation.

We will meet you soon!

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