The Dawn Lectures – Virtual Webinar + Feedback May 2020

Introducing The Dawn Lectures !

This is the first of the series of lectures to be offered by The Dawn Journal, a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed online literary and exploratory journal. An intensive 2 days Transformational online Webinar on Building and Mastering Professional Competencies will be delivered by leading experts from industry and academia. The registration for the webinar is completely free for students and working professionals.

Please find complete information below. We request you to share your feedback as comments in this page after you have completed the session. This will help us deliver our session better in future.

In today’s (9.5.2020) sessions, a total of 194 students participated from 90+ educational institutions across India.

Session I – Phonetics Made Simple by Dr Arun Behera

In this session, Dr. Arun Behera introduced the Basics of sound system in English and explained about the role of language and its characteristics. He explained the difference between language learning and acquisition. His session was clear and simple for all of us to understand the concepts like Mother Tongue Interference, Accent Neutralization and Received Pronunciation etc.

Session II – Stagnation of the Beauty of Women in the Pop Culture by Ms. Ananya Sabath

The session basically focused on the conventional idea of ‘Physical Beauty’ that is still pertinent in the present/millennial era. Technology and education has evolved and lifestyle has evolved as well but, the idea of physical appearance is still the same as it was decades ago.

Session III – Introduction to Linguistics by Ms. Heba Farheen

Ms. Heba Farheen delivered an amazing session on the role of Linguistics and Phonetics. She helped us understand the need for fine-tuning our language through appropriate pronunciation techniques and led an interactive session answering a lot of questions related to the domain.

Session IV – Overcoming Thought Attack by Prof. Satya Sidhartha Panda

Once a negative thought enters our mind, we have to become aware of it and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one. The negative thought will again try to forcefully enter our mind, and then we have to replace it with a positive one. This was the crux of today’s session. Given insight about how to overcome from thought attack and shared practical tips about the benefit of water therapy which will develop your positive thinking mindset.

Session V – Literary Criticism and Theory by Ms Sanchaiyata

The session was on understanding literary criticism and literary theories. The lecture included examples for understanding how literary criticism is different from literary theory. Since, there is a fine line between criticism and theory, it is important not to confuse or put the two together. Participants were asked to do a little exercise on their own for understanding how theories have broader spectrum than criticism.

Session VI – How Employable are You? by Mr Rajesh Bojan

In this session, Rajesh Bojan spoke on bridging the gap between academia and industry and highlighted on the qualities of the perfect employee. He went on to explain the different perspectives of an employer and an employee. Rajesh quoted the examples of few renowned people on how they are being successful as assets to the organisation they work. He stressed on the importance of creating a portfolio of skills.

This completes our first series of The Dawn Lectures organised by The Dawn Journal. We request all the participants to leave your honest feedback and suggestions on the comments. Kindly mention, the session’s name or the trainer’s name while giving your feedback so we can get to know how well each trainer has worked. We are actively seeking to scale this further with all your support and cooperation.

We will meet you soon!

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