The Magic Workout to Reduce Belly Fat


Health is paramount. When we are healthy everything becomes possible. You need good health to enjoy the prosperity that life offers you. When you are in a trouble, you need to be as strong as a stone both physically and mentally to deal with the problems. You must know how to fight for your rights at times and sometimes stand as stiff as a tree to prove your point. Life is becoming life-threatening when you step out of your home. My point is simple, your health is like a battery as long as you keep it charged, you can at least have the strength to either fight or run away to save your life. Health matters.


Belly fat is an unwanted accumulation of excessive fat in the body. While our body requires essential fats for its proper functioning, it has to be at a certain level. Not all fats are good either. Trans fat are known to cause heart diseases and other serious health problems. Improper diet is one major contributing factor for the accumulation of unwanted fat in our body. Besides, excessive weight and fat deposits can also be caused by variety of reasons including lack of sleep, smoking, consuming alcohol, excessive eating, sedentary lifestyle and stress.


There can exist several ways to reduce belly fat. Some work and some does not. The workout that I am suggesting here in this article is drawn from my personal experience. This worked out for me and that is how I can confidently recommend this to you. This workout or exercise however you may call it is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Henceforth, we will call this exercise as The Magic Workout.

Before we begin, please note that I am telling you this only out of my interest to help you, because, I did this and it worked. This is definitely not a promotion for any product or service. First of all, engage in this activity for 7 days without fail. You will notice the difference in the size of your belly in just 3 days.


Any exercise or workout needs to be done in a comfortable state taking into account your state of mind, physical capacity etc. Do not force at any cost and prepare your body and mind by engaging in a initial warm-up to activate energy levels. Feel positive about what you are doing this will keep you on track.


Step 1: Use an exercise mat if available or place a blanket on the floor. Lie down flat and face upwards.

Step 2: Place both hands behind your head. This is to ensure that you do not depend on your hands to do this workout.

Step 3: Now, fold your legs so that your knees are facing upwards and both your heels are touching your back.

Step 4: Make sure you position yourself in the right way. Once done, now slowly lift shoulder without much support from your hands or legs. Raise the entire spinal area from the floor to approximately 45 degree angle. Maintaining 45 degree angle is very important because at this position we are creating pressure to our abdomen. You will be able to feel this pressure if you do it as explained.

Step 5: Stay in 45 degree angle for 5 or 10 seconds and slowly go back to the original position. Repeat this for 5, 10 or 15 times but do not practice this in an extreme nature.

Step 6: You can also stretch your legs and do this workout but I recommend you to fold because it will activate the necessary pressure on your abdomen.


This workout can be tuned in different ways to increase its effectiveness. There are tons of resources from where you can learn new techniques. But, it is important you always learn from professionals. Do not run into any trouble by trying things on your own. There could be many choices and you may even wonder which one to choose. I would suggest you to start easy and escalate to the higher level as you progress.


If this workout has helped you to lose your belly fat, please share your experience on the comments. This is the only way to know that this article has helped you in some way and motivate me to write further. The next big help that you can do is to recommend whatever you are learning from this website to others so that it would benefit them as well. That is all I ask from you. See you soon in the next post.

Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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