TOEFL Listening Practice 1

In this section of the test, you will hear dialogues and academic talks, and you will be tested on your ability to understand them. You will hear each dialogue and academic talk only once, and then answer questions after each is finished. The questions ask about the main idea, supporting details, and the way the speakers use language. Answer each question based on what is stated or implied by the speakers.

While you listen, you may take notes. You can then use your notes to answer the questions.

Test Instructions: Read the instructions carefully and answer as per the requirement:

Directions: Answer the questions.

Q1. Why does the student come to the library?
A. To learn about the library’s resources
B. To ask about inter-library loans
C. To attend the new student orientation
D. To start work on a research project

Q2. Why does the librarian point out the history section to the student?
A. She wants to point out the closest area containing copy machines.
B. She assumes that he will need to do research there.
C. The student is looking for a book he used at his last school.
D. Students sometimes mistakenly assume that the section contains literature books.

Q3. What does the student imply about the inter-library loan service at his last school?
A. He never used it.
B. He came to appreciate it.
C. It was inconvenient.
D. It was expensive.

Q4. What does the student need to do before he can use any rare books? Choose 2 answers.
A. Purchase a card
B. Obtain permission
C. Put on gloves
D. Try inter-library loan first

Q5. Which sentence best expresses what the librarian means when she says this: Yup, that’s the idea!

A. I wish this were true.
B. That is not a very good idea.
C. Thanks for your suggestion.
D. That is what we intended.

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