TOEFL Listening Practice 3

In this section of the test, you will hear dialogues and academic talks, and you will be tested on your ability to understand them. You will hear each dialogue and academic talk only once, and then answer questions after each is finished. The questions ask about the main idea, supporting details, and the way the speakers use language. Answer each question based on what is stated or implied by the speakers.

While you listen, you may take notes. You can then use your notes to answer the questions.

Test Instructions: Read the instructions carefully and answer as per the requirement:

Directions: Answer the questions.

Q1. What is the conversation mainly about?
A. Preparing for a test
B. A strategy for attracting customers
C. Business opportunities in the field of health
D. Differences between two business models

Q2. What does the professor imply about the upcoming test?
A. It will not contain questions about the health-club model.
B. It will ask about ways to improve the customer’s self-image.
C. It will require students to discuss marketing strategies for libraries.
D. It will not require students to give examples of successful businesses.

Q3. Based on the conversation, indicate whether each of the following is offered by health
clubs. Choose the correct boxes.

Low membership fees
High-quality facilities
Exercise classes
Positive self-image
Special presentations

Q4. What does the professor imply about public libraries?
A They tend to be more popular than health clubs.
B They cannot offer as many services as health clubs.
C They should not spend money on high-quality equipment.
D They need to give greater emphasis to strategic marketing.

Q5. Why does the student say this:
Well, I know when I pass by a health club and I see all those people working out exercising … I’d just as soon walk on by!

A To introduce a personal story about exercising
B To point out a flaw in the health-club model
C To give an example that supports the professor’s point
D To explain why he disagrees with the professor

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