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Verbal ability or the English language section as it is commonly referred is a major subject-area that appears in government and banking examinations. Verbal ability topics are frequently asked in company-specific aptitude assessments for placements as well. I suggest you to read this article here to gain good understanding about what is verbal ability before you can proceed with this topic. To get a general idea on how English plays an important role in competitive examinations, you can read this article.

I hope by now you would have read both the articles on Verbal ability and are clear about what you can expect in the examinations. At this point, you may be wondering why this is so vital for someone who just wants to go for a job. The answer is pretty simple. Any organisation that is ready to offer a position for a candidate expects the individual to be good at communication and social skills. The test on verbal ability or English language ensures that the candidate has the minimum level of competence that is required for any job that involves language. Moreover, organisations use such assessments like verbal ability, quantitative ability, psychometric and technical to identify the right talent.

As a job aspirant, you have to ensure you are strong in the above mentioned areas. When it comes to topics in verbal ability, there are several but let us focus only on the major ones. First, to keep it simple and straight, I am going to divide this into three categories namely: Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Now, each of this category leads to various topics and sub-topics.


The most important thing that you have to understand before appearing for any examination is that verbal ability is simple based on how effectively you prepare. It is my personal opinion that you will be able to score high if you invest good time in solving as many questions as possible. Learning the theory alone without practice will not help much. When it comes to learning grammar, start solving the questions straightaway so as you make mistakes you can refer the rules for justification. This approach of learning through examples is quite functional and effective in nature.



Active and Passive Voice

Direct and Indirect Speech

Subject-Verb Agreement

Error Detection

Fill Ups (Grammar Based)


This is one area that is so challenging for anyone unless the person is exceptionally good at reading skills. An aspirant who holds the habit of reading and listening can ace the vocabulary section without much difficulty. But, for others it is just nightmare. Such candidates will find it complicated because they are unaware of the terminologies. Prediction does not always help and that is not how we are supposed to answer. Moreover, one can neither cover nor remember the vast list of vocabulary. But, do not feel down because there are several strategies that you can use and I will be covering these in the upcoming videos and articles that I have planned to create. This video available on our official channel can be a good start.

  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Idioms & Phrases
  4. Phrasal Verbs
  5. Cloze Test
  6. Sentence Completion
  7. Fill Ups (Vocabulary Based)
  8. Verbal Analogy
  9. One-word Substitution
  10. Confusing Words
  11. Spellings


Comprehension skills involves reading and listening. Comprehend means to understand or perceive something. There are few topics in English that helps the interviewers or examiners located the learners’ understanding of the subject. Usually, the activity involves either reading a passage or listening to a dialogue or conversation and answering questions. It is a must for any student to be good at both reading and listening.

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Listening Comprehension
  3. Para Jumbles
  4. Critical Reasoning
  5. Para Completion
  6. Theme Detection

I hope this article has given you a clear idea about the topics in verbal ability. If you find this content useful, please share this with your friends as well. We are working hard to bring you beneficial content from time to time on our website, channel and app. I am leaving the links below so you can be part of TDP.

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Author | Dr Rajesh Bojan

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