Verbal Ability Quiz on Idioms – Set 2 

This quiz is designed to check your basic understanding of Idiomatic expressions, an important topic under Verbal Ability. Choose the appropriate meaning of the italicised idioms.

1. I cannot understand why she did that, it really doesn’t add up.
A. doesn’t calculate
B. isn’t mathematics
C. doesn’t make sense
D. makes the wrong addition
2. All the students got high marks in the test but Mary stood out.
A. got a lot of marks
B. got higher marks than someone
C. got very good marks
D. got the most marks of all
3. He has sold his house and has no job and so now he has next to nothing.
A. he is unemployed
B. he has almost no money
C. he has a few things
D. he has nothing at all
4. As a newspaper reporter she always wanted to get information at first hand.
A. quickly   
B. slowly 
C. easily   
D. directly
5. I think we can safely say now that we have got our money back, we are home and dry.
A. have not got wet
B. have got tired
C. have been successful
D. have to be safe
6. He is the man who owns all the land and is the big fish around here.
A. the fat man
B. the huge man
C. the important man
D. the enormous man
7. She never stops talking about herself and is full of herself.
A. is very fat
B. is too fat
C. is very full
D. is very conceited
8. You will not slip over because the floor is as dry as a bone.
A. completely hard
B. extremely flat
C. totally dry
D. completely cracked
9. He kept saying he didn’t do it but in the end he said he had done it.
A. at the end
B. finally
C. at last
D. by the end
10. There are times when you must decide and take the bull by the horns.
A. make the right decision
B. make the wrong decision
C. make a bold decision
D. make a final decision
11. Anurag has made a laughing stock of the braggart
A. Foolish 
B. Laugh
C. Laughing store-house 
D. Look ridiculous 
12. The two women are so jealous that at the drop of a hat they start insulting each other:
A. When hat falls 
B. When any one drops a hat 
C. For no reason at all 
D. On every occasion
13. His oily tongue has won him promotion.
A. flattery 
B. soft speech
C. word power 
D. fluency in speech
14. He cannot win the election, it is a wild goose chase.
A. useless effort 
B. good effort
C. desperate effort 
D. baseless effort
15. He is in the habit of chewing the cud.
A. forgetting things
B. accusing others
C. to muse on
D. crying over spilt milk


1. C2. D3. B4. D5. C6. C7. D8. C9. B10. C11. D12. D13. A14. A15. C

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