Verbal Ability Quiz on Idioms – Set 3

This quiz is designed to check your basic understanding of Idiomatic expressions, an important topic under Verbal Ability. Choose the appropriate meaning of the italicised idioms.

1. What does the idiom bent out of shape mean?
A. In great danger
B. In a state of confusion
C. Angry or upset
D. Lacking courage
2. What does the idiom beat around the bush mean?
A. To speak honestly and directly
B. To avoid the main topic
C. To be in a difficult situation
D. To make a mistake
3. What does the idiom let the cat out of the bag mean?
A. To release a dangerous animal
B. To reveal a secret
C. To make a mistake
D. To get into a fight
4. What does the idiom cut to the chase mean?
A. To take a shortcut
B. To move quickly
C. To get to the point
D. To avoid danger
5. What does the idiom cold turkey mean?
A. In a state of shock
B. Sudden and complete withdrawal from something
C. In a state of confusion
D. In a difficult situation
6. What does the idiom pulling someone’s leg mean?
A. To lie to someone
B. To mock or tease someone in a playful way
C. To encourage someone to take risks
D. To physically attack someone
7. What does the idiom raining cats and dogs mean?
A. A heavy downpour of rain
B. A large number of animals outside
C. A dangerous storm
D. A rare occurrence
8. What does the idiom the ball is in your court mean?
A. It’s your turn to play a game
B. It’s your responsibility to take action
C. It’s up to you to make a decision
D. You’re in a position of power
9. What does the idiom a piece of cake mean?
A. Something that is very difficult
B. Something that is very easy
C. Something that is unimportant
D. Something that is unusual
10. What does the idiom in the same boat mean?
A. In a difficult situation together
B. In a competition together
C. In a partnership together
D. In a peaceful state
11. What does the idiom hit the nail on the head mean?
A. To miss the target
B. To achieve a goal
C. To speak the truth
D. To make a mistake
12. What does the idiom bite the bullet mean?
A. To accept a difficult situation and deal with it
B. To fight someone
C. To avoid danger
D. To be brave and courageous
13. What does the idiom cutting corners mean?
A. To take a shortcut
B. To be in a hurry
C. To be in a difficult situation
D. To be in danger
14. What does the idiom to make clean breast of mean?
A. To gain prominence
B. To destroy
C. To disclose something openly
D. To praise oneself
15. What does the idiom to end in smoke mean?
A. To understand completely
B. To ruin completely
C. To progress well
D. To ignite something


1. C 2. B3. B4. C5. B6. B7. A8. C9. B10. A11. C12. A13. A14. C15. B

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