Dr. Kenneth Efakponana Eni & Dr. Obianenue Osuya 

The Complimenting Role of Scenography as an Actor in the Redefinition of Scenographic Aesthetics in Theatrical Productions – PDF 

Dr. Benedict Binebai  

Protest Premise in Drama and Theatre of Africa – A Spotlight on Cultural Nationalism – PDF

K.I. Ehiemua & F.O. Obhawaegbele

The Artistic Function of the Real-Time Language of the Facebook Reality Drama – PDF

Dr. Odiri Solomon Ejeke

Poetics of the Absurd in Ola Rotimi’s Holding Talks: A Manual for Directors – PDF

Dr. C. Muralidara Kannan  

Portrayal of Tribal Life in Herman Melville’s Typee – PDF

Dr. Arun Behera

Indispensability of English for Employability – PDF

R. Shanthi

Commitment to the Black Cause: A Study of Amiri Baraka’s play Slave Ship as a Historical Pageant – PDF 

V. Brinda Shree 

The Great Indian Legend Gandhi – An Exploration of Truth, Religion and God – PDF

V. Rajesh & J. Jaya Parveen 

Why this Kolaveri De? Song as a Language Teaching Aid – An Experiment – PDF

Dr. Naveen Mehta 

A Critical Review of Prominent Women Novelists of Twentieth Century – PDF

Dr. M. Muthukumar

Noble Thoughts of Nobel Laureates: Spiritual Salvation in Gitanjali and The Waste Land – PDF 

Dr. Odiri Solomon Ejeke

Searching for the Meaning: The Purpose of Play Analysis for Production – PDF 

Dr. T. Karunakaran & Tika Ram Bhatta  

Willing Horses: There is no Water – Primary Teacher Education in Nepal – PDF

Dr. A. Parvatha Varthini 

Family, A Manacle of Female: An Appraisal – PDF

K. R. Rakhi 

R K Narayan’s The Dark Room – A Feminist Reading – PDF

S. Karunya

The Land of the Indigenous: With Special Reference to the World of Fiction in Kabilan Vairamuthu and Mahaswetha Devi – PDF 

J. Sripadmadevi

Stories – A Powerful Tool in Tribal Literature, with Special Reference to How Marten Got His Spots and Other Kootenai Indian Stories – PDF

G. Sivasamy

Psychic Feminism and Realism in O’ Henry’s The Last Leaf – PDF 

Dr. T. Karunakaran & M. Suresh Babu

English Language Teaching Methods – An Overview – PDF 

Mala Issac & Sadhana Agrawal

Liturgy and Preparation of Advent in Journey of the Magi – PDF 

Noora Abdul Kader 

Practical Value of Understanding the Mindset of Secondary School Teachers and Students in English Language Classroom – PDF

Dr. T. Karunakaran, Md. Masud Rana & Manwarul Haq

English Language Anxiety: An Investigation on its Causes and the Influence it pours on Communication in the Target Language – PDF 

Dr. Vikrant Rajput, Dr. Yashpal Singh & Dr. Anita Dhall

Changing Themes of Indian English Novels – At a Glance – PDF 

Rincy Mol Sebastian & Dr. K. P. Meera

Effectiveness of Reader Response Pedagogy on Communication Apprehension in an ELT Classroom – PDF

Amrita Sengar

Contemporary Approximation of Indian Myth and Folklore in Karnad’s Plays – PDF 

Dr. Vikrant Rajput, Dr. Yashpal Singh

The Value and Importance of Feminism in the Novels of Shobhaa De – PDF

Appalanaidu P, Rao, VLN, Jai Kishan G & Naidu JM

A Study of Anthropometric Indices and Nutritional Status among Vulnerable Tribes of Andhra Pradesh – PDF 

I.K. Kilam, Dr. Jyoti Sharma

Analysis and Evaluation of Various Soft Skills Training Models Employed by Private Technical Educational Institutions in India – PDF

Ab. Majeed Dar

The Crusade of a Tigress for a New Identity – PDF 

Rajesh Bojan & Dr. M. Muthukumar  

Social Status of Women in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath – PDF
DOI: https://doi.org/10.56602/TDJ/2.2.645-650

Ab. Majeed Dar

A Feministic Perspective in A Thousand Splendid Suns – PDF 

Dr. M. Muthukumar

Gentleman – Poem – PDF 

Dr. C. Muralidara Kannan  

The Immortal Entity – Poem – PDF

K. R. Rakhi 

My Princess – Poem – PDF

V. Brinda Shree 

The Dawn – Poem – PDF

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